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Welcome to America

You life is a fallacy. Your country is based on an unobtainable myth seeping with the blood of the oppressed, underrepresented, murdered, silenced, and forgotten. It was built on the bones, the blood, and the sweat of millions of bodies, now lying in unmarked graves. This is my Welcome to America series, a place where I critique the ass-backward nature of the United States.

Welcome to America.

If you are still reading, congrats to you. You are at least interested in what I have to rant about. What I am about to write, say, proclaim is not new thought. It is my understanding, my epiphany. I do not hate my country. I do not hate America or Americans. I live here and I am one. I will spend the rest of my life advocating, protesting, yelling, and voting for social change. That is all I can do, so here is my yelling portion. I do this periodically. If I didn’t, I think my brain would melt and I would explode into stardust. Things that are italicized should be read in a sarcastic tone.

Welcome to America.

If you are an American reading this then you are the “you” I am talking about. If you are of another nation on another continent, please sit back and enjoy as I eviscerate my own culture. America is built on this notion that if you work hard enough you will succeed. If you do not have lots of money and things then you are a fucking failure. Americans (broad generalization—some of us are waking up) tend to value objects and the more toys and things we have, the greater we appear in society. We all want to be Kings and Queens. We all want huge houses, full of shit we don’t need, to show people we really don’t care about how great we are. We don’t value human life the way we should, we don’t value equality, and we certainly don’t care about social justice and economic independence.

We don’t value human life? Yes, it is evident in our social services. America (2014) just passed law to help with medical health coverage, but it is still severely lacking. The mental health system is a fucking joke. On top of that those who do receive benefits we demonize, humiliate, and consider lazy and worthless. God forbid anyone fall on hard times and willingly take handouts.

Clearly they want to be poor. Clearly they are lazy. Clearly it’s only Illegals and Black people who abuse the system. Statistically White people benefit most from services such as SNAP (food stamps.) That does not fit our perceived notion of the Welfare Queen.

We don’t value human life? Yes, it is evident in our unwillingness to provide people with a living wage. I can hear the outcry now, but why should we pay someone who flips burgers $15 an hour? Okay dickface, I didn’t say pay people $15/hr, I said a LIVING-FUCKING-WAGE. An employee making $15 an hour in Phoenix, Arizona would be more then comfortable, but an employee in LA, NYC, or San Francisco would be in a far different living situation.

There is more … why are people so afraid of allowing everyone to be equal? In order to do jobs that need degrees you would still need a degree. If you are doing it for money then the argument of, I’ll just be a burger flipper applies to you. I’ve been there and done that and NO AMOUNT of money would make me want to do that fucking, awful job again. It’s hot, people are mean, and there’s no prestige in it. I’d much rather be a social worker. My point is, if the only reason you are in a job is to solely make money, then it really wouldn’t matter what you do. If you do your job because you like doing it, then you’d still probably go to school and be successful in your own terms.

Wait, more … I’m not talking about socialism like the good ol’ failure of the commie-reds. I’m talking about equal opportunity. That doesn’t mean we all drive the same car, or eat the same frozen dinners, or all listen to our comrades on the radio controlled by the government. I’m talking about a society where people don’t have to worry about feeding their children, access to medical and mental health care, and safe housing. This doesn’t mean everyone is mandated to be the same, but at least have the opportunity, a base of equality. I’m not calling for a destruction of our government or our economic system. It’s what us social workers call early intervention. Our country needs an early intervention.

That’s almost impossible, well maybe is impossible, in a country that equates equality as the pathway to their social destruction, meaning they will then be poor. That is not what it means, it means people who once had nothing will have something. It won’t be as nice as what you have, because your hard work privilege has helped you get those things. Don’t panic, your American dick is still bigger and shinier than your neighbors. In the end isn’t that really what matters, these are your priorities right?

Did that make you feel angry? Good. It should. You should be pissed off about poverty, illiteracy, dying children, forgotten elderly, and homeless youth and mentally ill. That should make you sick and angry.

Welcome to America.

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